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Making an interactive drawing sketchpad

October 16th, 2008 72 Comments

In this lesson, I will show you how to create a an interactive sketchpad on which you and your users can draw. The sketchpad features an interface which allows you to change the thickness and the color of the line. With this tutorial, you will learn: How to create simple buttons and tell them what […]

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Creating an analog clock with ActionScript using no design tools whatsoever!

October 12th, 2008 38 Comments

I am most pleased to be able to show you how to create an analog clock in Flash using ActionScript only. You won’t be touching any tools whatsoever. This is just about programming in Flash. Also, there is no timeline animation involved and no layers. And, this works in Flash MX, Flash MX 2004 and […]


Creating gradient fills with ActionScript

October 12th, 2008 9 Comments

Gradient fills are a little bit more complex than simple, plain color fills. But, they offer much more possibilites than the ordinary fills do. 1 Open a new document, call the first layer actions, click in its first keyframe, open the Actions panel and enter the following code: _root.lineStyle(1, 0x000000, 100); _root.moveTo(200, 100); _root.lineTo(350, 100); […]


Creating color fills with ActionScript

October 12th, 2008 4 Comments

After you learned how to draw lines and curves with ActionScript, let’s see how to make shapes that will be filled with colors. 1 Open a new Flash document.Call the first layer actions. Click in the first keyframe of this layer and press F9 (PC) or ALT+F9 (Mac) to open up the Actions panel. Enter […]


The basics of drawing with ActionScript

October 12th, 2008 24 Comments

Flash gives you the great possibility to create graphics dynamically, that is, while your movie is running, via ActionScript. So, not everything has to be drawn manually. What are the benefits of this method of creating graphics? First of all, it reduces the filesize of your Flash movie. Second, it opens up an infinite number […]